5 8/11/2017

Since the new management I have been very pleased with the quality of work done on my jeep.I don't have to deal with the you're just a girl mentality that pervades most auto repair shops.These guys are straight forward and costs are in line with other shops in our area.Shawn was the reason I came to Honest 1...but they are ALL reasons I will come back.Thank you.

5 8/7/2017

Great and fast service! Happy customer!

5 8/6/2017

It was a good experience. They were able to get me in right away. They knew what the problem was /an AC problem The car was ready on time and less than I thought.

5 8/1/2017

The A/C on my 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid stopped working last week. Panic. Not only was it supposed to be in the hundreds next week but I knew that it could be the compressor, possibly $1,500 for the fix. I turned to the Internet for help. I searched for A/C repair. I didn't want Midas or a dealer. Honest 1 came up. It had good reviews. So I make an appt. They were awesome. Got in the next day. Whew!!!. It wasn't the compressor, another whew!!!, and got out of there for $250. I will definitely go there again

5 8/1/2017

Very reasonable prices and practical advice. Wouldn't consider going anywhere else.

5 7/26/2017

Aaron was very knowledgeable and helpful! Friendly and great service every time I have been there!

5 7/17/2017

Called the day before to schedule an oil change. Showed up a little early to my appointment, and my car was done before my actual appointment time. Gave me just enough time to grab lunch.

5 7/9/2017

I always get good service from Honest-1.

5 6/26/2017

Treated nicely and serviced quickly (Lube).

5 6/14/2017

Great business! Always honest and very professional.